01 06/08

Distant T A B (shamba)

shamba concept

HI, recently I did a small contribution to one event here in Bremen, it was called “Shamba”. Among other seven teams I was invited to do an installation in a Garden inside a building close to the University of Bremen.

My work was a video-installation, a video-object to be accurate, that rebuilt the sight of a tab, which is the source of water for a small creek on the given garden. The two basic concepts to be explored were: firstly, the representation of an object (idea of meaning) and secondly, the reason (idea of truth) of the video image.

Here the text included in the program for visitors.

“This video installation plays with the dialectics of distance in time and space, an allegory, of our memories. A little creek running and murmuring through the garden is always welcome as a beautiful attraction. The running water is counterbalance by the running images of three screens. Each one of them displays the water as it leaves its metal source. The images are in fact the same. As the visitor walks along the creek’s bank towards the source the video image looks more blurred and loses detail, the closer he/she gets. When he/she walks away, the video runs faster and gains detail. The displayed images contradict our perception, which is blurred and slow from a distance.
Video installation in colour, three video screens.”

Finally pictures of the place and my running video-installation I include the videos I screened, too.

the three videos:

23 04/08

Stockhausen In memoriam [playlist]

I published the following post on sound projects’ blog, some months ago. Even though the time has passed I would like to share with all of you this short playlist. The context of this post had to do with, by that time, the recent death of one of the most influential German composers in the XX century: Karlheinz Stockhausen.

A small playlist I did to complement my previous contribution to this blog, Karlheinz Stockhausen, his contemporaries ( Webern, Boulez, Varèse), and students (Kraftwerk, Can, Hassell). I hope you do enjoy it.

06 03/08

ZKM far east

far east

The most exiting exhibition, I watched in the ZKM: Thermocline of Art. New Asian Waves.

Our last day, our last hours where just dedicated to this exhibition. A big and impressive overview about the new proposals and waves in contemporary art production in Asia. It was specially focused on the far east, or at least the section I visited. I recommend giving a glance to official web-site, it has a complete documentation in photos, video and essays. It is worth the time. Nam Junk Paik, one of the most influential figures in art during last 30 years, was present there through a homage done by Kyung-Ho LEE, you might identify it in my gallery. A great impression let to me a work I titled as Papiroflexia/McDonald’s, I remembered my good friend Cesar Galan. I want to highlight “CNN” piece, too. Very appropriate for this media-informational times.

Well, I share here 10 of my photos. I hope you enjoy them, and share with me your comments.


03 03/08

ZKM Karlsruhe


Autumn, November, Karlsruhe, digital art. ZKM.One of the most well known centres in digital media research and contemporary art in Europe. About this city I can’t write anything for I wasn’t really there just a small walk at night and just to reach a restaurant and our hostel. We visited this media-museum centre as part of one lecture. Two days, two tours, two exiting overviews about contemporary praxis on art.

So, I let you with a picture of mine on Flick_ka a project of ZKM, I hope you might find me. The first gallery of two is dedicated to digital approaches in the history of art within the last 40 years, just a here a couple of pics, saved by my good friend Javier after my unfortunately hard disk accident.

and a short video

05 02/08

Hochschultage W/2008 X-Screen

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HI, within the program for the so-called Hochschultage at the University of arts Bremen, there is space for short, and experimental videos produced by students during the latest time.In the program for this winter term, two clips in which I participated were selected to be screened. This is an invitation for an open and free event this weekend on the Speicher XI, not just for screening but also exhibitions in design and art. I hope to meet some of you there.

However, I offer here the two selected clips, for those who cannot accompany us.A whip, L is a composition on time through pictures, of a devastating and sorrowful moment. We decided to use there a fragment of a poem by Emily Dickinson, whose poetry I personally like, in order to give atmosphere to our desaturated, blinking and unstable photos.Starflyer, one of three different visions of Ischa freimarkt Bremen and Shostakovich music, in this case our assignment was to combine images of this event in Bremen with a certain music. Our piece is rhythm based.

If you want to watch these videos in a better quality (recommended), then follow their divX versions on:


A Whip, L

You tube versions
A whip, L



24 01/08


Sound projects: One minute concept. HfK Bremen 12. 2007

My one minute piece. I took three sound from an old semi-destroyed piano, we had at home in our garage, and then attacked its cords with a piece of wood. I recorded those sound on my laptop, cleaned and normalized them to get them ready to be cut; finally, I extended and distorted them.

My goals here were to explore two core principles of composition in visual arts but in sound: zoom and symmetry. I extended one of my sources of sound from 0.05s to 30s, then equalised it and again extended up to 60s. It is my bass-drowned background. To give space to this background, I use a repetitive loop on top of it with a mechanical texture. The foreground sound is composed on complete symmetry. It starts with a high pitch sound wrapped on a sine-wave form. Then, my central piece of symmetry appears. This sound was split in several pieces that don’t dwell in a stereo space, rather they reside just on one channel either left or right and jump all time from one channel to the other; but they never sound at the same time in both.

Hope you enjoy this one-minute piece.

I recommend listening to it either with a headset or with loudspeakers as far away from each other as possible.


13 09/07

~~~ {Zarathustra} ~~~

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One small and quick exercise of animation in the Audiovisual lecture, time for the exercise 2 1/2 hours. This idea came from 2001: a space odyssey and Metropolis. Music by Richard StraussAlso sprach Zarathustra“, my free version (distorted).

13 09/07

– – – – { courier } – – – –

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We live in a world surrounded by fonts. They are there to deliver information. We use and abuse them; we accept or reject them; we ignore, but we need them. Why not let its users know why they are there, how and by whom they were designed. The intention of this project is exactly that, give the daily users an opportunity to rediscover a font that has been following them since their birth and probably will be with them, even after they leave this world.

‘Courier’, a font that we have seen in almost all official documents, is the protagonist of this work. Once designed to look modern, progressive and attractive, now has become the font of bureaucracy. To understand the importance and popularity of this font, we need to go back to its creator: Howard G. Kettler.

It was one of my first assignments here in Bremen, in a typography lecture, the previous introduction was written by Antonio De Yta for our final report, below some photo-excerpts from our final report, which can be consulted here in pdf format.