24 01/08


Sound projects: One minute concept. HfK Bremen 12. 2007

My one minute piece. I took three sound from an old semi-destroyed piano, we had at home in our garage, and then attacked its cords with a piece of wood. I recorded those sound on my laptop, cleaned and normalized them to get them ready to be cut; finally, I extended and distorted them.

My goals here were to explore two core principles of composition in visual arts but in sound: zoom and symmetry. I extended one of my sources of sound from 0.05s to 30s, then equalised it and again extended up to 60s. It is my bass-drowned background. To give space to this background, I use a repetitive loop on top of it with a mechanical texture. The foreground sound is composed on complete symmetry. It starts with a high pitch sound wrapped on a sine-wave form. Then, my central piece of symmetry appears. This sound was split in several pieces that don’t dwell in a stereo space, rather they reside just on one channel either left or right and jump all time from one channel to the other; but they never sound at the same time in both.

Hope you enjoy this one-minute piece.

I recommend listening to it either with a headset or with loudspeakers as far away from each other as possible.



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