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Postmedia 3: from tactical to postmedia

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Third and final part.

  1. From tactical media to post-media by Clemens Apprich

The practices of tactical media has not disappeared but merge into the everyday media. Apart from the physical layer of media the focus are the mental and the ecological. The idea is not hacking the media but building your own media.

Past the Present: Post-media as meta political and theoretical marker

Other contributions: Oliver Lerone Schultz

There is a crisis of theory in which reflection need to become mode of practice. Post mass-media to mass self-mediation. The fundamental tension defines the post-media age is that one pole of the digital media used by minorities. The other pole is subsumption. Machine subjugation understood as a generalisation to the regimes of discipline and control (Foucault and Deleuze). In subsumption everything is co-opted and appropriated.

Conclusion of the workshop

Destabilization of media, film history that consolidated around mid 1890, the same happened with gramophone, typewriter, video, radio and today’s algorithmic moment. There was a time when all channels were clearly separated today the entire context has collapsed. The post-media term should not be followed entirely from the theoretical philological stream.

Do-it-yourself and amateur practices have shaken the technological media landscape. R. Cedeño Montaña

If media are the technical supports of representation and memory, communication and consciousness, post media holds the hope that there are alternative ways to imagine and make them, and the subjectiveties they engender. A. Broeckmann