28 03/11

101 Vampires of Poverty

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After a long time considering different topics to celebrate my 101 post, I decided to write something about art and poverty. Coming from a country with a myriad of social problems, questions about the role of art in such a society strike me very often. Social problems as poverty, inequality, and injustice are often taken as topic by many artists. Many art works exploit the pauper conditions in which many lived as means to touch the sensible fibres of sponsors, critics, spectators, and the media. Such art doesn’t seek for getting better conditions for those depicted in the art work. It rather exposes poverty to excite us, but not to reflect nor to take any action. The excitement is enough to make us regard the artist as engaged in social changes.

This particular kind of exposure of poverty usually combines famished, dirty, and slavish aesthetics. This cunning combination produces in the spectator a saturation similar to the experience of watching a pornographic film. S/he is delighted to be confronted with the uncivilized poor for s/he gets the impression of a critical and denouncing insight. Nothing farther from reality because the artist has used the poor merely as a commodity. The image of poverty in such expert hands produces a piece to be consumed, enjoyed, and disposed as soon as possible, not to be understood.

The voracious artist has hunted the poor, captured his image, ripped out his dignity, and served it us in a neat frame. The naked prey stands in front of us to be scrutinized, commented, and dismissed. The purpose of the spectacle is to spot the compromise of either artist and spectator with social issues. The poor clean us out.

The Vampires of Poverty (Agarrando Pueblo), shot in 1978, in Cali and Bogotá, by Luis Ospina and Carlos Mayolo, is a false documentary that satirises this artistic practice.

16 10/09

Healing is shown in Buenos Aires


I have great news for today, Healing was selected for a special show about Colombian Video Art in Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The announcement can be read here and the exhibition will happen between October 16th and December 12th in the following address: Arenales 1540 – C1061AAR. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA

06 05/08

Sproutbau movie online

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Sproutbau online


I want to thank to everybody for all support, comments and critics on my first documentary, all of them were and are welcome. (¡muchas gracias!, vielen Dank!)
If you could not be with me during the première and still want to watch the film, I publish here a link to its on-line version, it is the same but in a medium-resolution for a good streaming. The largest file is about 23MB and the smallest around 8MB. I hope you do enjoy it, and I’ll be looking forward to reading your opinions about it.

Watch Sproutbau documentary

Recently I was invited to show my recent work on the: “Muestra Monográfica de Media Art” in the Festival Internacional de la Imagen, I’m proud to say that Sproutbau documentary was selected for the show an it was screened in the Modern Art Museum of Medellín. As well, it was selected to be screened in a event called “Curaduría en nuevos medios”, an international seminar organised by: Espacio Fundación Telefónica de Buenos Aires Argentina, this event is going to happen in Buenos Aires. Here a complete list of all selected works in Colombia.

02 04/08

Sproutbau movie première

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Dear Reader,

Next Saturday 12th of April in Café Kurzschluss, I have the première of a short documentary film, I did during the last 7 months.
Sproutbau movie

Though I’ve been working in digital media for some years, this is my first important video production and therefore my first première. I’m proud, happy and excited to share with all of you this achievement, I’ll be glad to see some of you among the audience.Sproutmovie Documentary film consists of 10 independent short videos united by a interface in DVD format to be navigated and screened in any decided order. It is aimed at giving a view of the atmosphere and sort of projects developed during last summer, in August, on the outskirts of Bremen, in a building near to be torn down. The project was called Sproutbau and here you can follow a thorough information about it: Sproutbau

Date: 12th of April
Time: 8 PM
Address: Lahnstraße 16, Bremen Neustadt: (Yahoo! Map and Google Map)

Yours sincerely