26 08/10

are you popular?

Popular is to be consumed.

Popular is to be comfortable.

Popular is to be right in the middle.

Popular is to be standard.

Popular is to be in.

04 09/08

Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence (1953)

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drifting around in the internet archive I found the following piece. it is a behavioural manual for teenagers and parents towards a standardisation or normalisation of life. Take a look 🙂
Source: the Prelinger archive.

02 08/08

Duck and Cover (1951)

HI, here a funny but scary movie founded by Antonio in the Internet Archive.

Duck and Cover (1951) is a (scary) film about how to mislead population by mass media hysteria. This movie seems to be an educational one targeted to kids and young population but what it does create, is a perpetual state of fear and paranoia typical during the cold war.

After 9:15 you should know what to do in case a nuclear bomb explodes nearby. Just remember the catchphrase “Duck and Cover“, I mean pure and simple terror propaganda.

Definitely a worth watching video.