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Portable Moving Images: video 

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Defence of the doctoral thesis Portable Moving Images by Ricardo Cedeño Montaña 
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Institute for Cultural History and Theory | Interdisciplinary Laboratory Image Knowledge Gestaltung

Sophienstraße, 22a. Berlin, Germany

Portable Moving Images from ~{dRNn}~ on Vimeo.

09 10/08

[Thesis] topic:machinima

my thesis topic and a word cloud draft scheme of my first chapter.

Machinima has a weird origin, and a weird definition too: machine+cinema. But basically it means producing video real-time recordings using 3d game engines. It is a cultural movement that assemblage three conceptual forces: Puppetry, cinematic language and video game simulations; and dissimilar communities: video game players and film makers. Machinima also exemplify the DIY mentality in our current media production.

Its origins:
Using video games as source material for video existed before the name was coined. Here two examples of mid 90’s. Check them out :). Both pieces release in 1996 but in two different contexts: an art gallery and a game community. Weird isn’t it?

Miracle, Milton Manetas, 1996

Diary of a camper, The Rangers, 1996