29 01/08

El libro: “El medio es …” llegó!

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Finalmente y felizmente mi ejemplar del libro: El medio es el diseño audiovisual, llegó!
Aquí un par de fotos del ejemplar, en la segunda está la página en la que se publicó mi artículo: Bit-bang Objeto Digital, que está en la página 57, en el primer capítulo: Diseño, ciencia y artes electrónicas.

El medio es el diseño audiovisual. Jorge La Ferla, Compilador. — Editorial Universidad de Caldas, 2007. 702p.
ISBN: 978-958-8319-05-6

A modo de resumen:

El objetivo del texto es desarrollar una reflexión acerca del objeto, como intención humana, dentro de contextos digitales y las transformaciones que el objeto ha sufrido en su significado, en su manera de ser concebido y las relaciones que establece, dentro de estos contextos, tanto con otros objetos como con las personas; recogiendo para ello las impresiones y teorías de diversos autores en los campos de la filosofía, la estética, la tecnología y el diseño.

Breve reseña histórica:

El artículo vió la luz por primera vez, en la cátedra Manuel Ancizar de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, en el año 2000. Luego de varias revisiones llegó a la versión que fue publicada en el libro, y ha servido como conferencia en tres oportunidades: las olimpiadas de diseño (Manizales 2004), El festival internacional de la imagen (Manizales 2005), y Diseño con sentido, el mes del diseño (Cali-Palmira 2005).

Un especial agradecimiento a Jorge La Ferla y Felipe Cesar Londoño, por su apoyo.
el medio 01

el medio 02

24 01/08


Sound projects: One minute concept. HfK Bremen 12. 2007

My one minute piece. I took three sound from an old semi-destroyed piano, we had at home in our garage, and then attacked its cords with a piece of wood. I recorded those sound on my laptop, cleaned and normalized them to get them ready to be cut; finally, I extended and distorted them.

My goals here were to explore two core principles of composition in visual arts but in sound: zoom and symmetry. I extended one of my sources of sound from 0.05s to 30s, then equalised it and again extended up to 60s. It is my bass-drowned background. To give space to this background, I use a repetitive loop on top of it with a mechanical texture. The foreground sound is composed on complete symmetry. It starts with a high pitch sound wrapped on a sine-wave form. Then, my central piece of symmetry appears. This sound was split in several pieces that don’t dwell in a stereo space, rather they reside just on one channel either left or right and jump all time from one channel to the other; but they never sound at the same time in both.

Hope you enjoy this one-minute piece.

I recommend listening to it either with a headset or with loudspeakers as far away from each other as possible.


22 01/08

Amsterdam design

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September Amsterdam design, the entire city was taken by exhibitions, shows, activities under the scope: design. Fashion, product, graphic, jewellery, accessories, conceptual, etc…

We decided to spend our Saturday (29th) visiting galleries, offices and fairs of this special even. I cannot do a reference of everything we watched there but here I would like to refer to Droog design, probable one of the most interesting and famous design offices in Netherlands and to an exhibition called: Platform 21: folding

Beside its name, Droog was indeed one of the most exciting experiences, I had with design for a long time, their concepts, processes and result make me believe that still exists a hope for design, out of the mainstream and establishment. I would like to highlight and recommend here paying attention to: their actively collaboration with TU Delft on a project call Dry tech. The Knotted Chair by Marcel Wanders is one of the best known designs from the first edition of this project, their concept about our prefab life, and current state-or-the-art in technology, and finally their aesthetic, that combine some sort of irony always by the hand of experimentation. See here a video I found representative of them.

A second aspect that strongly lured me was an exhibition called: Folding, just paper and its aesthetic possibilities on fashion, exciting for it is more than a cloth, rather it is a whole installation based on “fold”. This exhibition was accompanied of interviews and videos of different researchers on this area.Finally my pics. 17 images I’m sure you might enjoy.


14 01/08


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Some pics from my short-trip to Amsterdam, I went there to visit my friend JR, who just recently arrived to Holland to study. Indeed I was excited about this city, its fame and history. I have to say that Amsterdam was not the first city in Netherlands I visited (Groningen), but still being probable the most famous and very interesting city in this country. We took advantage of the end of September to organise my visit during a design-week there, but I talk about in a next entry.

My first impression about Netherlands in general is the incredible architecture these people have there. It is totally different for the one that can be seen in Germany and I’ve just compared it with the Copenhagen’s style and I found it more “daring”. They allowed them selves to experiment with the form. Amsterdam has also a strong tourist atmosphere, everywhere I found rivers of people visiting places, making pictures, taking guided tours, and of course so I did.

The city says openly: “hey, do you want fun?, come here and you’ll get it”, its famous coffeeshops, gay pubs and its well known Red light district are its “attractions”. But Amsterdam offers much more than that, one can find there Museums (Rembrandt, Van Gogh, …), and an amazing amount of canals and bridges to get in love with their view. I chose for this gallery a few pictures to give you a general overview what I saw there. Hope you enjoy’em.