23 04/08

Stockhausen In memoriam [playlist]

I published the following post on sound projects’ blog, some months ago. Even though the time has passed I would like to share with all of you this short playlist. The context of this post had to do with, by that time, the recent death of one of the most influential German composers in the XX century: Karlheinz Stockhausen.

A small playlist I did to complement my previous contribution to this blog, Karlheinz Stockhausen, his contemporaries ( Webern, Boulez, Varèse), and students (Kraftwerk, Can, Hassell). I hope you do enjoy it.

02 04/08

Sproutbau movie première

| Categories: art, video studies

Dear Reader,

Next Saturday 12th of April in Café Kurzschluss, I have the première of a short documentary film, I did during the last 7 months.
Sproutbau movie

Though I’ve been working in digital media for some years, this is my first important video production and therefore my first première. I’m proud, happy and excited to share with all of you this achievement, I’ll be glad to see some of you among the audience.Sproutmovie Documentary film consists of 10 independent short videos united by a interface in DVD format to be navigated and screened in any decided order. It is aimed at giving a view of the atmosphere and sort of projects developed during last summer, in August, on the outskirts of Bremen, in a building near to be torn down. The project was called Sproutbau and here you can follow a thorough information about it: Sproutbau

Date: 12th of April
Time: 8 PM
Address: Lahnstraße 16, Bremen Neustadt: (Yahoo! Map and Google Map)

Yours sincerely