31 08/07

Made in Germany

| Categories: Deutschland


Made In Germany, Aktuelle kunst aus Deutschland. An exhibition in Hannover that indeed was interesting. Finally I couldn’t go to Documenta in Kassel as my initial plan was, basically for lack of money, but anyhow I got a good time watching some pieces of modern youth art from Germany. I was there a Wednesday for it was free after 16:00, the most impressive works were some video pieces that I found honestly as good as impressive, here I just want to mention Julian Rosefeldt and Candice Breitz Works, indeed awesome. Also a very poetic (***)-work with cameras that you will see on my gallery I found it as a contradiction between a particular mechanical device and its immanent “movement” or the image those things are aimed at capturing, beside the polished wood work. Also remarkable a piece with street-picked speakers so powerful on its message, and one of my favourites was an kinetic oeuvre, I really like this movement in arts. So this is just a small review, here further information Made in Germany site.

And as usual my own photos here, in my now “famous” gallery system jejejeje just a lit bit adv, i hope all you excuse my lack of modesty jejejejeje, enjoy it.