05 02/08

Hochschultage W/2008 X-Screen

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HI, within the program for the so-called Hochschultage at the University of arts Bremen, there is space for short, and experimental videos produced by students during the latest time.In the program for this winter term, two clips in which I participated were selected to be screened. This is an invitation for an open and free event this weekend on the Speicher XI, not just for screening but also exhibitions in design and art. I hope to meet some of you there.

However, I offer here the two selected clips, for those who cannot accompany us.A whip, L is a composition on time through pictures, of a devastating and sorrowful moment. We decided to use there a fragment of a poem by Emily Dickinson, whose poetry I personally like, in order to give atmosphere to our desaturated, blinking and unstable photos.Starflyer, one of three different visions of Ischa freimarkt Bremen and Shostakovich music, in this case our assignment was to combine images of this event in Bremen with a certain music. Our piece is rhythm based.

If you want to watch these videos in a better quality (recommended), then follow their divX versions on:


A Whip, L

You tube versions
A whip, L




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