06 03/08

ZKM far east

far east

The most exiting exhibition, I watched in the ZKM: Thermocline of Art. New Asian Waves.

Our last day, our last hours where just dedicated to this exhibition. A big and impressive overview about the new proposals and waves in contemporary art production in Asia. It was specially focused on the far east, or at least the section I visited. I recommend giving a glance to official web-site, it has a complete documentation in photos, video and essays. It is worth the time. Nam Junk Paik, one of the most influential figures in art during last 30 years, was present there through a homage done by Kyung-Ho LEE, you might identify it in my gallery. A great impression let to me a work I titled as Papiroflexia/McDonald’s, I remembered my good friend Cesar Galan. I want to highlight “CNN” piece, too. Very appropriate for this media-informational times.

Well, I share here 10 of my photos. I hope you enjoy them, and share with me your comments.