01 06/08

Distant T A B (shamba)

shamba concept

HI, recently I did a small contribution to one event here in Bremen, it was called “Shamba”. Among other seven teams I was invited to do an installation in a Garden inside a building close to the University of Bremen.

My work was a video-installation, a video-object to be accurate, that rebuilt the sight of a tab, which is the source of water for a small creek on the given garden. The two basic concepts to be explored were: firstly, the representation of an object (idea of meaning) and secondly, the reason (idea of truth) of the video image.

Here the text included in the program for visitors.

“This video installation plays with the dialectics of distance in time and space, an allegory, of our memories. A little creek running and murmuring through the garden is always welcome as a beautiful attraction. The running water is counterbalance by the running images of three screens. Each one of them displays the water as it leaves its metal source. The images are in fact the same. As the visitor walks along the creek’s bank towards the source the video image looks more blurred and loses detail, the closer he/she gets. When he/she walks away, the video runs faster and gains detail. The displayed images contradict our perception, which is blurred and slow from a distance.
Video installation in colour, three video screens.”

Finally pictures of the place and my running video-installation I include the videos I screened, too.

the three videos:


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