13 07/09

Machinima movie: 1k Project II (2006)

Swarms, replicas, machinima
The screen is filled by a yellow sport car running across town on a sunny day. Soon, a swarm of a thousand replicas of the yellow car are running, smashing, and crashing against the trees, walls, and pavement of the town. No window is opened, no one in the town dares to see what happens outside. The furious cars jump over bridges, over roofs, over street lights, and frenetically descend into a perfectly clean highway. Nothing stops the riot nor the architecture nor its own chaotic behaviour. To the repetitive rhythm of a popular electronic song, a yellow moving stain covers the town. A plastic beach appears on the horizon just one last bridge. The camera soars over the roofs and enters a tunnel to engage in the madness. Hysterically, it traverses a rain of yellow dots to fiercely collide against a pixellated ocean. The flat image of a shark indicates that the movie has ended.

The 1K Project II from BlackShark on Vimeo.

Filmographic information. Ref: a.MAC 2006-05
Original title: 1K Project II Length: 3:06
Country of origin: n/a Director(s): BlackShark
Year of release: 2006 Game engine: Trackmania Sunrise®
Genre: Music video (Mashup)