11 05/08

The last question (I. Asimov)

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last question

I’ve been a big fan of Asimov since I can remember, he was probable one of the first authors in science-fiction I read and always his stories lured and excited my mind. In fact I managed to convince my good friend Javier, around the 98, to do our Design thesis based on one of his Books, I should add here that we succeeded in doing an astonishing work.

I want to introduce one of his favourites short stories: The last question published in 1956. As in many other of his tales, we find a super-intelligent-computer: Multivac, which purposes are to answer any question stated by a human being and to help mankind to solve its more complex problems, in this case the questions is about the end of the universe or better: Can entropy ever be reversed?, at the same time the all-mighty Multivac finds out new ways to provide energy to mankind, in that way are described different stages of human civilizations based on the Kardashev scale. Definitely a worth-reading story.

Here at the multivax website, can be read an on-line version.